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Web Team on Demand

Web Team on Demand

Prepaid hour blocks to have our team perform web work for you on an hourly basis. You get a $20 discount from our regular $80/h rate we charge on flat rate projects. Flat rate projects have a flat exact price for a specific scope based on our $80/h regular rate plus a few extra hours to leave room for the unexpected. With Web Team on Demand, you pay in advance at a reduced rate and your time is deducted after task completion for the exact amount of time it actually took to complete your task, whether is less than expected or more. A ball park estimate is always given before any task takes place and our goal is always to do work as fast and efficiently and possible.

Web Team on Demand hourly blocks are great for clients that don’t need our services very often and want to pay exactly for whatever time it takes to complete demanded tasks. Most of our clients need ongoing work form us and sign up for a Web Presence Management & Optimization Package where we reduce our rate even more for continuous, ongoing service.

You can use any multiple of the hourly blocks available by picking any desired quantity. So if you want 30 hours you can pick quantity 3 of the 10 hour block.

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