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Web PR & Publicity

Web PR & Publicity

Print Placements vs. Online Placements

While getting your company featured in print has it’s certain benefits, there is a lot to be said about online placements. In the addition to the ability to track the results of online placement using a tool like Google Analytics and the convenience of prospective customers being able to just click and go, online placements provide tremendous search engine optimization benefits.

This is where Web PR and Publicity come into effect. Web PR is vital to building your business. Handing out flyer’s is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Even though you may have a better product than that of your competitors or perhaps your company provides the best service in your area, without strong Web PR, your business will remain on the back burner. Sd Internet Marketing can help increase your name recognition and make you stand out in the crowd. Our goal is to generate massive interest in your product or service and expand your sales pipeline.

In short, we can help you become more visible, credible and more prosperous. We will tailor your publicity strategy to suit you and what you need to achieve. Some people think public relations and publicity is more effective than advertising. If you market correctly, we think and know through experience, Web PR and Publicity is definitely an essential, fascinating part of a much larger integrated marketing communications picture.

Here are a few solutions you can benefit from:

  • A simple media release sent to the right people, about the right thing, can give you the credibility and extra sales your work deserves.
  • Web PR and Publicity can be cheaper yet more productive than advertising.
  • PR is great for launching a new product or announcing new, exciting changes and events to your business or product range.

So if you want to maximise the benefits of Web PR and Publicity, it is vital that news release distribution is integrated into your businesses ongoing marketing activities and strategy. Implementing a regular distribution schedule will work towards maintaining a strong brand presence in front of current and potential customers.

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