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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

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Reputation Management is the following of online references to a brand, company, person or service while having a plan in place to deal with any negative feedback. While no one wants to receive negative feedback about a product or service they offer it is important to keep a close eye on what is being published on the internet about your company or service. A well planned Web Design and SEO can drive customers to your site but Reputation Management can help you stay in touch with what is being said about you on the world wide web. You can think of it as a three-step process.


Monitor – Maintain an ongoing system for researching and keeping track of public perception, with the help of Social Media Marketing tools you can gain a real-time perception of what customers are saying about your company or services. Monitoring what is being published on the web can help you grow current customer relations and identify areas of growth opportunity that will benefit both you and your customers.

Evaluate – Consider individual feedback, as well as the source, outlet, reach and timing, to come to a decision about the risk. With forums, social media, tweets and blogs information is dispersed to the masses in an instant. Information that can be harmful or helpful for your business status. The evaluation of such content is key in taking the next step of Reputation Management.

Act – Comment, rebut, draft a formal response on what has been said, based on the evaluation. In today’s web marketing world customer engagement is at it’s highest level and growing. thus it makes it very important to act on what is being published about your business or service on the world wide web. In a time when (WOM) word of mouth marketing has gone digital you can’t ignore positive or negative publishing’s about your business or services.

San Diego Internet Marketing has put together this Reputation Management package that includes the use of various tools and a proven strategy to maintain a reputable image of your business, service or brand. Get in touch with one of our associates to schedule an evaluation of your business or brand.

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