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Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Who is it up to when it comes to hosting?

As a small to medium online business, it is up to you to do all that you can to ensure that your website is working properly. Business website hosting is not an option, it is a must have. It differences from basic hosting plans in that it offers more options for the business user, including a larger variety of tools, scrips and resources to ensure that you and your business clients are able to have the level of service you need and want to have.

Here at SD Internet Marketing, we want to help you cover all aspects of website hosting. You need to understand that the purpose of website hosting is to allow an individual or a business to plan and design a web site and to post it to users on the Internet, for anyone in any part of the world to access. In today’s market, having a web presence to enable users to interact with your company via the world wide web is practically a necessity.

Here are some advantages of web hosting:

  • It allows you to create the databases which is simply indispensable for your online business.
  • You can add shopping carts for e-commerce sites, forums, communities and chat panels.
  • Your staff can post announcements in the forum, such about outages, which clients can read even if their email isn’t working (as long as the forum isn’t on the same server as clients’ sites.
  • You can create several email accounts on your websites which depicts sheer professionalism and also enhances customer reliability.

These features will help you communicate with your customers and know their views on the site. You can very well understand that while communicating with the customers through email, if you send it from your website’s address, the customer will depend on you and will not question the credibility of your company.

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