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Weekend Maids Referral Agency

Case Study: Improving User Experience and Engagement

Client: Weekend Maids Referral Agency

About the Company

Weekend Maids is a dedicated housecleaning referral agency that provides house cleaning and maid services to residential customers in most areas in California. They have a proven track record of providing high quality home cleaning referrals for almost 3 decades.

The Challenge

Even tough the website had a lot of traffic coming from various sources, engagement was not at its best. Our client’s goal was to make website visitors engage with the content and have them stay longer on the website until conversion could be achieved, either via phones call or form submission.

The Strategy

After analyzing the current website, we found several elements across the board that could be improved in order to achieve the desired results. Based on our findings and experience, we suggested a full site redesign, but carefully maintaining the current page hierarchy and permalink structure in order to avoid loosing any of the SEO elements that currently helped ranked the website in Google.

Project Results

The new design of the website was focused around making a stronger brand impression, which was reinforced with a new logo design. Also, strong Call-To-Actions were created to promote the phone calls, which are the main desired actions. The contact form was also revamped and improved as the second most desired action. We also created a house cleaning request form specifically for existing customers, so such inquiries could be expedited.

A clearer navigation was created in order to provided a better user experience, and the content on internal pages was optimized for better visitor consumption.

All of the above resulted in noticeable engagement improvements:

Page Views

Pages per Visit

Time On Site

Bounce Rate



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