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OCP Group Inc

Case Study: Improving the Online Presence of a Strong Offline Brand

Client: OCP Group Inc.

About the Company

inc5000_num_3864OCP Group Inc. is an Inc. 5000 company, manufacturer and provider of custom OEM cables, wire harnesses and assemblies with headquarters in the San Diego, California, a manufacturing plant in Mexico, offices in Hong Kong and a warehouse in China. With its global presence, they are able to serve everyone, from small distributors to large multi-national corporations.

The Challenge

OCP was referred to us by a very good client. They were looking for an agency to help them increase online brand awareness and to jump start their new eCommerce website. They were using Google Adwords to drive traffic to the website, but it was not providing the desired results.

The Strategy

After several meetings with the client, and understanding the exact needs, we came up with a marketing plan that included SEO optimization, element redesign to improve user engagement, optimization of the current Adwords campaign, email marketing and online PR distribution.

Project Results

Even tough they just had a new eCommerce website built, it had not been optimized for SEO. Since then we’ve been working on an ongoing basis to improve the site’s ranking in Google using a mix of on-site and off-site strategies. We also do constant rank tracking to measure results and to determine in which search phrases we need to improve on each month.

We work continually to optimize the layout to provide a better user experience and promote conversions and sales. For this we’ve made changes to the homepage, product catalog, and individual product pages, all with very good results.

The client already had a Google Adwords campaign that was bringing in a lot of search traffic. The problem was the it was not correctly configured, so it was generating a lot of clicks from unqualified searches. We had to rethink the campaign, and create one that was targeted to commercial/industrial clients looking for cable manufacturing and bulk purchases, while avoiding consumer searches of people looking to buy a single USB cable. Thanks to the ongoing optimization work we do, we help keep the traffic as relevant as possible, while making the most out of the monthly advertising budget.

Email marketing is a very important part of the strategy, specially when it comes to new product releases, which generates traffic to the website and increased sales. It’s also a very effective tool when it comes to promoting industry events and trade shows where OCP will participate in.

Since OCP has a global client base, press release distribution is a great channel to communicate new product releases and company news. The results we achieve increase brand awareness and traffic to the website.



Old homepage with very little content.

New homepage shows at a first glance the vast category of products the company carries, and it also displays the recent news releases.

Email Templates Created

Newsletter template to promote event.

Newsletter template to promote new product release.

Press Release Distribution

The press release was pickup by 215 online news/media outlets, with a potential reach of 221,780,000 viewers.

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