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McKowski’s Maintenance Systems

Case Study: Keeping a Well Maintained Online Presence

Client: McKowski’s Maintenance Systems

About the Company

McKowski’s Maintenance Systems provides a premier level of janitorial and commercial cleaning services to San Diego and Inland Empire’s highest profile office buildings, production and manufacturing facilities, retail centers and Homeowner’s Associations.

The Challenge

The client wanted to promote branding and increase online lead generation. They had a decent web presence, but there wasn’t a planned marketing strategy. They reached out to us looking to improve their online efforts, in a way that results could be measured, analyzed and optimized.

The Strategy

We came up with a proactive marketing plan that required ongoing efforts to reach the desired results. Such efforts focused around conversion element redesign, on page optimization and content creation to improve Google ranking, email marketing, targeted pay-per-click advertising with Google Adwords, case study creation and social media management.

Project Results

The website element redesign not only helped the website look better, but it helped increase user interaction and goal conversions. We worked on improving banners, buttons, call to actions, item lists, navigation elements, and more.

Thanks to the SEO on page optimization work and the content creation of blog posts and case studies, we were able to make the website rank in the 1st page of Google for more than 15 of their top keywords. On going case study creation of projects done for known local businesses not only helps improve SEO rankings, but they also help increase conversions, because they showcase actual projects and the results of such work, which increases online reputation.

We use monthly email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with customers and leads, which increases brand awareness and traffic to the website. It also helps promote and cross-sell additional maintenance and janitorial services.

We created a very focused and targeted Google Adwords campaign to drive qualified traffic to the website. The ongoing PPC management work has resulted in an increase in lead generation.

In order to improve branding, we manage their social media presence, which not only helps increase customer awareness, but also helps with employee recruitment.

Here are some of the results we’ve been able to achieve thanks to our ongoing marketing strategy:

Site Visits


Google Organic Search

Lead Calls

Social Reach

Traffic from Social



Case Studies

Graphic Design Elements for Website and Social Media

Newsletters Designs

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