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Fantastic Charters

Case Study: Getting as Many Leads as Fish in the Sea

Client: Fantastic II Charters

About the Company

Fantastic II Charters and Captain Justin Hopper, offer amazing sport fishing experiences in Key Largo, Florida, aboard the beautiful 40 ft. custom fiberglass sportfisher called Fantastic II. The boat is loaded with twin diesel engines, 4 fish fighting chairs, the latest in electronic navigation, fish finding equipment, and it’s outfitted for comfort and safety.

The Challenge

The client had a very well established business with a lot of experience in the sport fishing industry, but they were not very tech savvy, so they reached out to us looking for help on using the internet to promote the business, get more leads, and of course, make more bookings and sales.

The Strategy

We came up with a multi-point plan that included a website design that could capture the leads, social media marketing to promote the brand, email marketing to follow up on leads and stay connected, content to attract organic searches, and paid advertising with Google Adwords to draw in qualified leads.

Project Results

We created a beautiful responsive website that not only focused on promoting the fishing charter service, but also on sharing the amazing experience people live while on board the Fantastic II Fishing Charter. To accomplish that, we regularly add actual trip photos and videos to entice visitors and promote lead capture and conversions.

We also use social media to connect with a small, but very specific segment of people and customers. We promote the share of user’s photos, so thanks to that, after most trips, customers upload and share their trip photos on the company’s Facebook page.

Content creation is a big part of the project. We work with a content calendar to push out blog posts on a monthly basis, focused on the main keywords the client wanted to target in order to improve Google Organic rankings.

Google Adwords is the biggest traffic and leads generator for the client. We created a focused and targeted campaign to bring in qualified leads, and we routinely review everything to keep the campaign very optimized in order to make the most of the budget and avoid unwanted clicks.

Email marketing is used on a monthly basis to stay in touch with leads and customers, and share photos from recent trips, thus promoting return bookings.

The following are some of the results from the combined marketing efforts we applied:

Site Visits


Form Submission Leads

Phone Call Leads

We also help them with some video editing:

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