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What is The Heartbleed Bug And How Does It Affect Me?

11 Apr

This past April 7th, a new and very serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL software was found.

The OpenSSL is an open-source software widely used to convert information or data into a code to prevent unauthorized access and keep website users’ information private and safe.

An encryption flaw has been found and named “The Heartbleed Bug”. It has been leaking information since 2012, but it isn’t until this past monday that the bug  was discovered. The damage caused by the Hearbleed bug is currently unknown, but the security hole has been there in a wide number of Internet Web servers for over two years now, leaking information without any experts finding out about it. The bug has been recently detected by the Finnish security firm Codenomicon, along with a Google Inc. researcher who was working separately.

So, What Is The Big Deal With This Bug?

Well, we know we’re always exposed to any type of vulnerabilities on the web, they come and go, but we believe we have to take this one seriously. Hearbleed bug is forcing websites to make significant changes and it’s also forcing everyone who have created accounts in any website to change their passwords.

One of the main concerns is that this internet security bug can not only steal sensitive information from users, but it also allowing the attacker to get copies of a server’s digital keys and impersonate servers or decode communications.

What this new bug called Heartbleed is doing, is that it’s breaking up the codes and keys to reveal sensitive data and content of a server’s memory, and that includes information such as usernames, credit cards, passwords and what not.

What Websites Are Affected?

It is unclear what websites are being affected by the bug, but every single one you and me know, are vulnerable. Github.com has been testing sites’ vulnerability to the bug and has a list of sites that are safe, at least for now.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

While it is true that the bug has been detected and big companies are working to fix the security hole to protect their users, there is very little you can do to protect yourself.

Eventually, you’re going to have to change your passwords, but even if you do, that won’t solve the problem until the sites you use implement the fix.

The Hearbleed Bug is a severe security problem that has been affecting all Internet users all over the world, and the best we can do until there is a proper solution to this problem is to inform you about it, so you can take the necessary safety measures for your company.

Please, let us know if you have any more questions about this topic. Your safety and privacy is important to us.


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