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08 Dec

Marketing Suffers During a Recession as Budgets are cut

The recession that the United States is slowly coming out of hit the marketing budget for most companies really hard.  During a recession, it is the marketing budget that gets slashed to make way for other expenses which are deemed more relevant and important.  However, studies and our vast experience

07 Dec

Online Video Advertising Offers Endless Opportunities

The topic of online video marketing is not something new, but it is still something that is underused.  Business owners should take advantage of the opportunities that online video offers.  Online video popularity continues to grow at an unbelievably rapid pace.  Business owners should tap into this growth and create

03 Dec

Google Includes Regional Information in Search Results

If you are a webmaster, you may want to start supplying geographical region information when doing Google submissions.  In case you have not paid close attention, some search results in Google have begun to include this particular information. Geographical information can be invaluable because it allows you to quickly determine

03 Sep

Brand Yourself for a Successful Future

You have heard of Macy’s, Bank of America, Gucci, and a number of other names. The name is what equates to a brand. We can look at Washington Mutual and realize, at one point in time, they had a highly respected name in banking. Their brand in recent months has