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The New On Page Optimization

18 Apr

We found a great informative video post at SEOmoz about how OnPage Optimization has evolved and wanted to share it in our blog so those who want to learn more about how SEO and conversions are evolving can get some good insight .

Here are a few key tips that Joanna Lord, Director of Acquisitions at SEOmoz has recommended:

  • In order to increase your conversions, you really need to focus on relevancy. Make sure that your landing pages are relevant to what people are searching for. This can be done through headlines, images and great text.

  • You need to make your site visually appealing. Make sure you have your content well spread out around the page. This will make it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Bullets are very helpful.

  • Your call to action has to be VERY noticeable. This cannot be emphasized enough. Your visitors have to know what it is you expect them to do.

  • Branding. Your visitors need to know that they can trust you. They need to know that you are the authority and that you are the only one they should go with.

Joanna also lets us know about how user expectations have been changed and how we have to evolve along with them:

  • The bar has been raised. Before, people didn’t see as many sites in one day, especially pertaining to one specific topic as they do now. They are now used to great designs and their expectations before getting to your site are now even higher.

  • Trust has been redefined. People need to know that you are the authority and that a social community exist around you. They need to know that there are people talking about you and expect you to take the time to respond to their petitions and comments.

  • Design expectations have also been raised. People are simply going to bounce if they feel that your site doesn’t meet their standards.

  • Sentiment really matters. IIn the past web visitors were satisfied with just having their specific questions answered. Now, ”They need to feel positive about you and that you are someone they can connect with on multiple levels.”

Here are a few basics that Joanna recommended to improve conversions:

  • Conversions are redefined. We often say to ourselves, “I need to track what is important to the bottom line,” and this is true. You need to keep track of your purchases, conversions and your form fill-outs but those are not the only important conversions any longer. Facebook likes, newsletter sign ups and new Twitter fans should be considered key conversions as well.  As Joanna puts “it should absolutely be an optimizer’s job to increase your social counts and getting people to like you”.

  • Deeper Engagement. It is now more important than ever to get visitors to dig deeper into your site. Free downloads, demo accounts and other engagements should be given special attention.

  • Feedback. We have to keep coming up with new ways to get more feedback. Straight visitor feedback is a valuable commodity that if used wisely can cause major impact in any conversion optimization effort and should definitely be considered a conversion.

We encourage you to watch the entire video. You can find Joanna’s original post here.