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SDIM’s Participation @ Web Summit Mx 2014 Was a Success!

12 Mar

This past March 8th, we had the great opportunity to feature in Web Summit Mx’s first edition as sponsors and speakers. It took place at Bit Center Tijuana, and we can gladly say it went beyond our expectations.

The event started at 10 am with an audience hungry for information and it went on like that until the last minute of the event! Everybody was participating actively, asking questions to the speakers and really opening to new ideas.

Our team had the chance to collaborate with workshops and lectures that happened throughout the event, for example:
David Serna, SDIM Founder and CEO, gave a conference titled “Reprogram Yourself & Succeed” where he talked about strategies, concepts, habits and tools to use the Internet to reach our goals. The audience really liked it and they even asked for an encore! The amazing thing about this conference was that even though it was directed to the web sector, you can easily apply this information to any sphere you want to succeed on!

Gustavo Rubio, programmer for our most recent project, IncentiBuzz, gave a workshop called “Developing and Debugging LAMP/ AJAX Apps”. His audience assisted the event almost only to get into his class. This particular workshop was mostly theoretical but Gus’s teaching skills made his presentation very entertaining, plus, at the end of the workshop he gave away a $40 Amazon Gift Card to the most participating attendee! (Lucky one!)

Elizabeth Rosales, our Community Manager, imparted a workshop titled “How to Use Photography to Make Your Brand Stand Out in Social Media”. This workshop was at its fullest! We even had to bring in chairs and still some attendees were standing by the walls of the classroom. It was overall a very interesting workshop on what you need to have in mind so your social media presence can have a visual outstand, and she also gave some tips on what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to position your brand’s personality through images.

And finally, Roberto Robles, our Director of Operations, and also Founder and host of Web Summit Mx, gave a conference about the “Social aspect of Social Media”. In this conference not only could we witness Roberto’s lecturing skills, but we actually learned that social media plays an important role in people’s lives in the contemporary world and also that they have changed the way we interact and connect to others.

There is so much more to say about this cool event and so many people to thank, but long story short, we are really pleased to have had the chance to be part of it and we look forward to Web Summit Mx 2015, so stay tuned!




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