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18 Feb

How Your Business Can Benefit From The New Twitter – Google Partnership

By now, most of us recognize the importance that social media sharing has for all businesses, and we’re well aware of the benefits that having an active account on any of the most popular networks has, but what most of us don’t know (yet) is that there is one social network service that’s working on increasing those benefits as you read this blog post: Twitter.

23 Dec

Our 2014 Story

2014 was an amazing year for our agency. We had the chance to work with great clients and a great team, and we treasure every single moment. We are sure that 2015 will be just as awesome! Here’s a little glimpse of our 2014 story ! We hope you enjoy

14 Nov

Open Door to Hackers: The BrowserStack Case

This past November 9th, 2014, BrowserStack got attacked by an individual, who was able to access and copy some of its users email addresses, and then tried to send an email to all of its users with false information about BrowserStack, even claiming that the company would shut down. This