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Online Reviews: Welcome Them and Learn from Them

12 Oct

With websites that list local companies such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, City Search an Angie’s list, among others, growing in popularity, consumers can now go online and write a review about your business. There are some business owners who write their own reviews, or they may even write bad reviews about their direct competitors.

After all, since nobody reads those reviews, it’s no big deal! Well, at our San Diego Internet Marketing Company, we really do hope you are not writing your own reviews or engaging in writing negatively about your competitors.

In fact, Google has a high regard for online reviews, and there are some reviews that will even rank on the first page of search results. Think about the benefit of a positive review of your business with a high ranking.

The way that search engines regard reviews is that if a person took time out to write about your business, whether good or bad, then the review is a valuable resource.  It is known that consumers who have had a really poor experience will often write a bad review as a form of catharsis and redemption.

At SD Internet Marketing, we hold reviews in very high regard because they have the power to influence your potential client base.  In addition, review sites have the positive effect of holding businesses accountable to the consumer for the brand, product, or service they provide.

Review sites are here for the long haul, and they have continued to grow in popularity and reach.  Moreover, as a business and website owner, you need to know how to list your business, and you need to know how to get your clients to take the time out to write reviews.

If you are not actively monitoring your local listings, you are losing out on tons of potential local customers.  People don’t just use these sites to write reviews, they also access these sites to look for local companies that have a well-founded reputation for great quality and service.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, any form of interaction is a marketing opportunity, and there is plenty of interaction going on in local review sites.  We are always searching for ways to make our clients and their businesses more visible, and we know exactly what needs to be done in order to make a business stand out on these websites.

This is just one of the many Internet marketing strategies that we employ because our aim is for our client to dominate his or her segment of the local market.  We will help you build your visibility, Internet presence and attract visitors to your website who are actually looking for your brand, product or service.

There are many young Internet marketers around who think that getting on the first page of Google search results is the holy grail of Internet marketing.  However, we have been around long enough to know that search results play a part in Internet visibility and presence, but there are many more factors involved in getting the right person to your website.

When you are dealing with local market segments, getting people who are actually looking for what you have to offer to your website, getting them to fill your contact form or call you, and having them actually make a purchase is what you should be after; it is our specialty at SD Internet Marketing.


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