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If You are not Using Social Media for Your Business, You are Missing Out on Millions of Potential Customers

07 Sep
Social Media Landscape

Social Media Landscape

According to Nielsen-Online, the active unique social network audience grew roughly 29% from 115 million in February 2009 to 149 million in February 2010.  Nielsen also reported that active unique users of social networks are also up nearly 30% globally, rising from 244.2 million to 314.5 million collectively.

In addition global average time spent on social networking websites increased over 60% from last year, having gone from a little over 3.5 hours to nearly 5.5 hours per month.

Gibaom.com reports that Twitter receives over 200 million unique visitors per month, and Techcrunch.com reports that Facebook receives close to 500 million unique visitors per month.

What these numbers mean to you as a business owner is that you are missing out on a huge potential audience and potential customer base if you don’t have an active social media marketing strategy. 

Daryl Wilcox Publishing reported that only one-third of SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses use social media on a daily basis for marketing purposes.  This is another astonishing statistic since it means that around 66% of SMEs are missing out on millions upon millions of potential customers.

If you own one of those SMEs that does not have an active social media marketing strategy, that means that you are giving your competition a huge advantage if you competition is actively using social media for marketing purposes.

Perhaps you have taken a look at the social media landscape, and you have  seen what a daunting prospect it can be to learn to use this landscape so that you can promote your business, brand, product and/or services.  However, there are options for SMES, and our San Diego Internet marketing company provides some of those options.

We have social media marketing experts who specialize in using social media marketing so that your brand, service, product and/or business gets maximum exposure in the social media landscape.  Our social media marketing professionals stay on top of the latest trends in social media so that you can simply concentrate on running your business.

Our experts are continuously researching in order to identify target markets.  Since we already have many SMEs as clients, we have already taken the guesswork out of selecting the social media platforms that will take your brand, product or service to the people who are actively searching for it.

You don’t have to research your target market because we already know the target market for your business.  We already know who has demonstrated interest in what brand, product or service, and we will bring your business to your audience.

We already know the social network platforms that will work best for your specific business.  The countless hours you would have to spend conducting this type of research have already been invested in research by our team.

What would we have to do for you if you choose our San Diego Internet marketing services?  We would concentrate on content creation and optimization for your website.  We would make your website attractive and appealing to visitors so that they stay longer on your site.  The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better the opportunity to convert the visitor to a lead, and the lead to a sale.

You will not have to create a marketing strategy because that’s what our experts do best.  They have the training, experience and knowledge, and we have already developed proven strategies that will help you get the most out of social media marketing for your business.

Give us a call, and talk to one of our representatives, and we will be more than happy to guide your business and website to Internet success!


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