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How Your Business Can Benefit From The New Twitter – Google Partnership

18 Feb

By now, most of us recognize the importance that social media sharing has for all  businesses, and we’re well aware of the benefits that having an active account on any of the most popular networks has, but what most of us don’t know (yet) is that there is one social network service that’s working on increasing those benefits as you read this blog post: Twitter.

Last week, Twitter and Google partnered up in a deal in which Google will gain access to Twitter’s firehose stream of data, which means that Google will be able to find tweets and index them to appear in Google’s search results!

The details of this deal are yet to be announced by Google & Twitter, but as far as we know, there are two possibilities for the tweets to appear on Google searches, one is that they will appear included with the rest of the links on a search, and another one is that they show as a live stream on the Google search platform.

So, what does this have to do with your business?

It’s pretty simple, if you Tweet regularly for your business you will boost your SEO by being easily found by users, which will lead to more traffic on your business Twitter account, and at the same time you’ll lead users to visit your business website too, so basically, the more you tweet, the more chances you will have of directing visitors to your website, and all of this, without spending a single dime on paid advertising. Isn’t this great!?

Although this deal is yet to be completely unfolded, you can start preparing your business in advance by following these simple steps:

  • Get on Twitter! (if you’re not already a user): First things first, if you’re not active on social media you better start doing it today. Social media marketing is one of the best (and in most cases free) ways to gain website traffic and attention for your company. The advantage is that now, there are many social media managing systems that integrate all social media to make it easier to handle multiple accounts. So, if you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you better sign up now.
  • Fill out all your business info: There’s no use on signing up for an account on Twitter and tweet without having filled out your business information. Your visitors will click on your tweet when it streams on Google either by curiosity, interest or because it relates to the keywords they were searching. Remember that having all your information properly filled out will increase the chance for you to convert that visitor into a customer.
  • Look for appropriate content to publish: Remember that whatever you share on Twitter has to be 140 characters or less (including images). This means that everything you share on Twitter has to be well versed and relevant. Your Twitter page and everything you share on it will be a direct representation of your brand, so make sure those 140 characters provide relevant information to the end user and also, stay away from tweeting rude, politically incorrect or compromising information as this can seriously harm your brand’s reputation and your conversions.

Although the complete details of the deal are yet to be announced, there’s no reason why we can’t start planning out an integration of these changes on our social media marketing strategy. Remember that the more ahead you are of your competitors, the more chances you have of maximizing your marketing results.


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