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How to Speed Up a WordPress Site

14 Nov

Wordpress speed optimizationWebsite loading speed is a critical metric that affects your user experience, conversion, bounce rate and even ranking positioning in Google. Needless to say, making sure your website loads faster is one of the most important tasks you can tackle. Here are a some tips you can use to make your own wordpress website load faster:

1)  Solid hosting that is WordPress optimized

When it comes to hosting you get what you pay for. It is worth it to get a wordpress optimized package that meets your website traffic volume in a reputable company like Bluehost or WP Engine (both are affiliate links)

2) A clean theme with clean code, free of not needed waste and preferably on a framework

No broken stuff and a proper architecture that is up to date with the latest WP standards should be the norm.

3) A short and well selected list of plugins (less than 10 recommended)

Only what you absolutely need. When it comes to WordPress plugins less is more.

4) Optimized Images

Large heavy images dramatically your site’s loading speed. Even smaller images can be optimized. Tools like Yahoo’s Smush.it reduce data from your images, reducing a file size as much as 50% with almost no perceived loss of image quality.

5) Reduce HTTP requests

When a user accesses your site an http request is made to download each component of the page (images, css stylesheets, scripts, etc). The less components needed the faster your wordpress website will load 🙂

6) Limit Javascript

Javascript has to be downloaded into your visitors computer, the more scripts you have, the more a visitor has to download and the slower your site becomes.

7) Cache, cache, cache!

A caching plugin stores a version of your site’s HTML for quick rendering to your visitor’s browsers, definitely a must have on any WordPress site.

8) Stay on the lookout for malware

A hacked WordPress website can be difficult to detect. WP Engine includes malware scanning as part of the hosting service. There is also Sucuri, a dedicated service to website antivirus protection.

9) Speed test your site for free

Free tools like GT Metrix or Pingdom will give you details of your actual load time and major issues to correct.

10) Use our WordPress speed optimization service

We have lots of experience optimizing load times in WordPress websites and provide an upfront flat all included price with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can instantly  find out how much  professional wordpress speed optimization would cost for your particualr site.



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