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Google Trusted Stores Update: Highlight Your Trusted Stores Status and Qualify For Seller Ratings

03 Feb

For everyone that has an online shop, getting the Google Trusted Stores certification has become an important achievement. Getting your online store certified by Google increases buyer confidence, which is primordial when attracting new customers to your business and keeping them as a recurrent customer.

Having the Google Trusted Stores badge on your site increases your conversion rates, which is  great, but now there’s more you can do to make sure no one misses to see your certification. How? With the new Trusted Stores update.

Google just made important updates on the Trusted Stores certification to make it easier for business owners to implement the free certification, and help increase online shopper’s confidence.

To apply the badge you no longer have to submit the shipment and cancellations feeds, you only need to create your account and add two snippets of code to your website, plus, now you can specify where you would like the badge to be displayed on your site.


The new Trusted Stores badge beside having a simplified implementation process now shows seller ratings and purchase protection, so now the reviews your online shop collects through Google Trusted Stores will help you qualify for seller ratings, which show on your AdWords text ads and Google Shopping. This will help shoppers know more about your business while earning the rating you deserve.

Another way to enrich your AdWords ads is by displaying your Google Trusted Stores status through a review extension, this will display your status on a separate line in your AdWords text ads, which can help you increase their click-through rates.

For any online businesses, now even more than before, has become important to set their brands apart from the rest of the competitors. Obtaining a Google Trusted Stores certification will provide exactly that to qualified businesses, an edge over competitors.

For now, getting the Google Trusted Store certification is optional, but we believe that sooner than later this will become a must for online stores; a definitive proof that your business offers quality products and efficient customer service.


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