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A Call Tracking Solution is an Essential Measurement of Your Real ROI

03 Mar
call tracking

Who called? From Where? Why?

There is no question that business and website owners are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month in website marketing. When you add that to the money that has to be spent in developing the website and getting the website to perform to the technical standards that Internet users expect nowadays, there is no doubt that the investment becomes a crucial part of the overall company budget.

As a website owner, do you really know whether your website is performing the way it should, and whether the Return on Investment or ROI has made all your efforts worthwhile?

According to a JupiterResearch study, 43% of marketers do not or cannot accurately measure ROI from SEO. This is extremely important to you because you need objective, tangible proof that your website is performing the way your Internet marketer promised you it would perform.

SD Internet Marketing has set itself completely apart form that 43% in that it has several ways that it measures the online marketing efforts it conducts on your behalf, and you are provided with detailed reports so that you can have tangible, accurate, real time evidence of your website’s overall performance.

Most of the time, marketing efforts are measured through tracking whether visitors to your website complete whatever task they are meant to accomplish. However, what can be done about things such as offline conversions, or conversions that are accomplished over the phone?

Many website owners often wonder why people call instead of going to the website, or they may wonder how people are finding them since they do not have a strong website presence. There are people who will go to a website, get the phone number, and call the company directly from a cell phone or landline, and website owners are sometimes left wondering where the call came from.

It is for the aforementioned reasons and others that are too numerous to mention that Call Tracking became necessary. SD Internet Marketing applies this tool so that website owners can be provided with an additional measurement of their website’s success.

Moreover, many website visitors do not convert the first time they visit a website, but they may do so at some point down the line. People visit websites for various reasons, and they may go to other websites to shop around, and consider one service or product against another.

Call tracking software will associate a phone call with the source that got a visitor to a website in the first place, and this method know as Conversion Attribution is accurate marketing measurement at its most forward-thinking.

If there is no call tracking solution for your website, any data relating to the call is lost, as is that particular measurement of your website’s overall performance. Therefore, it is essential for anyone who is conducting an Internet marketing campaign to have a call tracking solution in place, and the Call Tracking solution provided by SD Internet Marketing allows website owners to have both local phone numbers and toll-free numbers for a local, national and international presence.


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