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2010 is the Year of Internet Marketing

27 Jan

All business and website owners should be asking themselves how much they really know about their Internet website and their business.

For example, do you know the percentage of your revenue that is generated by your online presence? Are there many people searching for your type business product or service online? How many of those people are arriving at your website? How would your bottom line be affected if you increased your online presence by (X) percentage?


SD Internet Marketing Can Get You There

The data tells the story, and it makes a compelling case for knowing the answers to those questions.  There are over 1.7 billion Internet users worldwide, which is a penetration of over 25%, according to statistics provided by Nielsen Online.  Nielsen Online further reports that over 875 million consumers have shopped online.

As far as searches are concerned, in May of 2009, 9.4 billion searches were made, with Google! getting the lion’s share at 63.2%.  What is your presence like on Google?  Is your website being marketed properly so that your piece of the pie is as big as it could be?

If you are concentrating on traditional advertising for your business, then you are pouring money into something that will have steadily diminishing effectiveness.  Yes, it is true that radio, TV, billboard, magazine and other forms of traditional advertising are not yet buried, but they are noticing consumer trends and shifts.

Newspapers have gone online as a way to cope with reader loss, and to try to keep up with changing times.  How many people are actually listening to traditional radio now that there is satellite radio, iPods, CDs, MP3s, MP4s, and so on?

It is a fact that more and more people are working and shopping on their computers; the numbers tell the story.  There are people who only pay for Internet now, rather than the traditional cable/Internet mix because you can get your favorite TV shows right from the Internet.  There are people who spend hours on YouTube watching videos, rather than watching cable TV, and you can watch movies, get up-to-the-minute news and communicate right from your computer or mobile device. 

If you have not yet maximized your online exposure, then it is time to do so because more than 25% of the world’s population is online. 

The first month of 2010 is almost over, and successful companies have taken a proactive approach to the Internet in order to maximize their overall marketing and sales goals. You either follow suit, or you miss out on your piece of the pie as other companies capitalize on the power of the Internet, its fluidity and mobility.

You must increase traffic to your website as you try to keep up, and that traffic must then be converted into leads and sales.  If you are imaginative, inventive and creative, you can capture the imagination of some part of those 1.7 billion Internet users.  You are going to want to have that piece of the pie because you can bet that your competitors are going to try to get it too.

But perhaps you do not really know what Internet marketing really involves.  You may be asking yourself:  Is it as simple as just having a website or doing a PPC campaign? How do I maximize the use of Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or YouTube? Should I restrict myself to just one website, and what is the best plan for my website? Will I be just another one of a hundred companies offering the same service?  How will I set myself apart from all the others so that I can increase visits to my website?  Am I restricted to just my website? Or is it one of the dozens of other services out there?

For an Internet marketing company to be of any value, it will incorporate every tool that is available on the Internet so that you will get the most visits possible to your website

The list of tools that are available is extensive, and you must hire the right Internet marketing company to do the job.  SD Internet Marketing is a company with years of experience on the Internet, and we know how to exploit Internet tools in order to get the most out of them.

Do not wait too long to make up your mind and start because your competitors may be building their web presence as you read this blog.  Contact SD Internet Marketing whether you are in the San Diego area, California, or anywhere else for that matter.  SD Internet Marketing will ensure your presence on the Internet.


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